Rebuttal to The Son Of The Godhead, David Icke

I was informed recently by a couple of friends that David Icke is continuing to headline Sonia Poulton and myself on his website. This has been going on for almost a year now so it is only right and fair that I offer up my rebuttal, which will form the basis of a blog. The following has just this minute been sent to Icke’s personal email. Since I have nothing to hide whatsoever, anyone is more than welcome to read it here as no way on earth would Gareth Icke, the new admin allow this to be reproduced:

FAO David Icke

goldfish bowl  imagesgtre
Some switched-on soul once wrote, ‘People in glass houses should never throw stones.’ Well you Icke, the self-appointed Son of the Godhead (exactly which God are you referring to?) could not possibly have been the author, although you plagiarise and copy and paste just about everything else, claiming it to be your own! I suggest you pay heed to those words because you of all people have no more right to throw stones than I did back in my criminal days. You set yourself up as a pillar of society when in truth you have fewer morals than I in the height of my criminality, for never have I stolen a single penny from the piggy banks of children!

piggy bank di9

I have only ever bumped into you twice and that was enough for me. It was also enough for me to deduce that whilst you talk the talk, (and my God can you ramble on) you have a serious problem walking it. As a former crook I can spot those with something to hide – you have your skeletons, just like everyone else, so much so that I wager your cupboards are fairly overflowing fella!

Before you again try to score points off the back of a staunch campaigner against injustices, namely freelance journalist Sonia Poulton, I state here, for the record that these are my own words – and if you don’t like what you read, please sue me because I stand steadfastly behind all 2,028 of them! I would relish my day in court with you, you charlatan! Come on Icke, let’s get everything out in the open eh – including those TPV accounts!

I ought to be flattered that you consider me global DAILY headline news to post my antecedence and photos on your heavily censored, glorified blog, but you are just a guy by the name of David Icke whom many already know as a fantasist, kook and consummate con artist. In the real world I would at least be allowed the right to reply except this is ‘Ickes World, a world of distortion and subterfuge whereby all dissent is stifled at the gate by, lo and behold, another Icke family member, Gareth


– since Sean Adl-Tabatabai defected to the U.S. with his new husband…and his share of the spoils. So here is my reply to you, sent directly to your personal email address.

My past as a criminal is well known but one of the many differences between you and I is that you have yet to answer for your crimes. Your many detractors already question how it is that you’ve managed to walk away from the possibly fraudulent dealings of TPV without even ever being questioned by the police! How is that when Joe Public would have been pulled in for questioning, pronto? Where are the proper accounts, Icke? Where did all that money go?

di8  cocking a snoot




You squeal that TPV was nothing to do with you, that you were a mere volunteer but you and I both know that is a blatant lie Icke. To this day no bona fide accounts of where the estimated £700,000 (not the £300K you claim) went to but that matter could well be addressed via a private prosecution. I note you make no mention of the donations which went straight in to a Barclay’s bank account – curious that!

You belong in court, just like your partner in crime, Sean Adl-Tabatabai. TPV was a brilliant concept but its biggest drawback was you! It was your baby and both you and Sean murdered it so stop trying to pass the buck!

CO FOUNDER ICKE  co founder sean

Typical of your penchant for one-way reporting, the photo of me holding the sawed-off shotgun, which you insist on using, was taken moments prior to my handing it over to Beaumont Leys police station during a weapons amnesty.


Since I was hanging up my gloves I did that rather than see the weapon fall into the hands of other criminals, not that I need to justify myself to you. I am on my own path of truth now but you haven’t altered course one iota! You are a suppurating, cancerous tumour on the face of truth.

Lies within Truth aser

You seem fixated with the fact that I spent millions of pounds. What I do with my own money is of no concern of yours . What you do with public money however, ought to concern all those who donated. No mention from you of the hundreds of thousands of pounds which I gave away to those less fortunate than myself. No mention too that I housed homeless people, including a heavily pregnant woman -but hey, let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story, eh Icke? How much have you ever donated to others out of your own pocket? Oh silly me, you cannot furnish your accounts can you! Talking about money, what of the millions you must have duped out of the unsuspecting over the years by way of fear porn? You ought to worry about how you are going to continue conning the people now TPV has gone tits up.

You also fail to recount how at the inception of TPV I fed a fair number of your staff daily. You fail to recount how I donated out of my own pocket. Curiously you fail to recount that I filmed for TPV, giving up my New Year’s Eve for FREE whilst you sat on your fat arse online, counting the donations and slurping Tenants Extra. Don’t flatter yourself, I wouldn’t follow you to the chip shop, never mind follow you as a fountain of truth – I gave freely because of the only really credible person at TPV, Sonia Poulton.


Do you recall demanding that TPV take down the film of the guy who was camped outside of David Cameron’s house – you know, the chap who had had his two daughters stolen by the state? And you insisted on it coming offline because it had Sonia on it and it wasn’t, in your own words, ‘telethon material’. What a strange thing to say for someone who likes to bang on about how they support those having their children stolen by the State! Infinite love eh Icke? Bollocks! You are beyond despicable! I will repost it on a blog just to let your followers see what a spiteful, vindictive little shit that you are.

So I am a former criminal who almost sold my soul but you fella, you sold yours a long time ago and well you know it. I know what I am but here’s what I am certainly not:

I am not one who befriends grown men who have a particular penchant for having sex with 14 year old girls like your ‘mate’ Steve Tyler. The photo of you fawning all over him at Stonehenge makes my skin crawl! Do you usually meet your nonce friends at such venues? What about your pally-pally photo with Russell Brand at the Groucho club? Wasn’t that place also connected to paedophilia? Are you a fully-fledged member there Icke? Is it OK that Tyler is a nonce because he’s a superstar and your buddy?

st1  st2

st3  st4

I am not the one who repeatedly invited the controversial Peter Tatchell to TPV – a known protagonist in reducing the age of consent! Allow me to paraphrase him: ‘Not all sex with children is unwanted or harmful.’ Where I come from we refer to those with such views as nonces! Nice company you keep Icke! Readers fill your boots with the filth that is Tatchell here >>>

PT1  PT2

I am not one who begs others to send me donations in order that I can help to defend them against shape-shifting reptilians.

SHAPESHIFTING  ickemonster


I am not the surrender monkey who kowtowed to OFCOM! Imagine that, The People’s Voice, the supposed voice of truth, brought to you in association with OFCOM! Even your former employer, the mighty BBC, melting pot of countless fucking nonces, doesn’t dance to the tune of OFCOM! How’s the Non Comply Dance working for you Icke, you fake!


I am not the one who had to have known all about Jimmy Savile’s evil lust for sex with children, both alive and dead…BUT SAID NOTHING WHILST THE BEAST WAS ALIVE! Everyone else at the BBC seems to have known, but like you, they remained silent! You claim to have outed him long before he died but again that is one of your many lies, you utter coward! Please do point out where, in your many interminable pages in your books, you outed him. Many children have suffered horribly because you were not man enough to speak out at the time but would rather try to hold on to a career as a broadcaster in which you had shot your best bolt anyway.

di7  imagesert

I am not the one who interrogates women in a darkened studio, two of whom, Deanna and Vanessa who both broke down into tears and capitulated. But you couldn’t break Sonia Poulton the same way, could you Icke? You must have shit yourself the moment she voted with her feet and walked out of TPV because you knew, as the PROPER JOURNALIST (your own words!) that she is, that the truth would come back to bite you on the arse.

I am heartened that the people are waking up to the fact that you couldn’t lie straight in


bed. I hope all those countless lies come back to haunt you. It surely must occur to your followers that the Great David Icke, the most illuminated human being on the planet never has a phone-in. Look back to TPV, when did Icke open the phone lines to viewers? Do you know why he cannot? Because he would be slaughtered by all those he has stolen material from, from all those he has fucked off and used – and they number many. He won’t even allow the public to comment on his daily podcasts for crying out loud! Surely that rings alarm bells in you! If he does an interview it is only ever with a partisan crowd who will hang off his every word. He’s a fraudster, ladies and gentlemen. He would never hold up to scrutiny by the likes of the journalist he once so admired…admired until she tackled him on the issue of the lack of transparency at TPV.

sp tpv

Clearly you aren’t the brightest of Messiah’s either. You publicly accused Sonia of being an infiltrator, a hacker, an establishment stooge who was sent in to take down the good that TPV was set up to do, but as is your wont, you omit one extremely vital detail, YOU headhunted HER! Imagine the odds of that, the all-knowing Son of the Godhead headhunting MI5 agent, Ms Poulton!

Squirm all you like, lie and libel all you like…try to divert the attention away from yourself all you like but all that does is shines a massive spotlight on yourself! BRAVO! You would think all those spirits that you claim guide you would throw in a bloody free PR tutorial!


So what other bollocks have you got up your sleeve oh dark Lord? More childish memes made from the comfort of your warm little office in the IOW, heated courtesy of those you dupe? Do tell us again about your maverick move in having a photo of yourself taken next to the Queen’s golden carriage. Man that must have the elite quaking in their boots! You mean to say you actually paid to go in there – paid into the Royal coffers from money donated to you by those who believe you are against the monarchy? This is just too much!

real gold coach

I have conducted my own research and can state with 100% confidence that up until today, 10/01/2015 no lizard has ever been handcuffed by the police and successfully prosecuted. I hope you will be the first. Keep up the disinformation tactics you bullshitter and shill!

In closing, stick that on your blog, Icke, and feel free to edit it in your inimitable style because I will be making the full unabridged version available publicly. You are not the Messiah, you are a very naughty boy and try as you might you do not possess the acumen or the arsenal to subvert the truth – it’s bigger than you and your last Wembley audience.

Until we meet again,

Lee Ryan


3 thoughts on “Rebuttal to The Son Of The Godhead, David Icke

  1. Excellent… The point about David Icke NEVER meeting the public in a call-in fits with the obvious pattern that he’s always been in a controlled opposition role…just as Alan Watt has stated. Ms Poulton has guts and moxy…while you mister Ryan stand for honor and I have admired your words online over this past year… I too question where are the TPV ledgers? Surely there is a civil procedure in England that can force police to examine the case of fraudulent solicitation of donations that were really gifts to him and family members he employed. the legal key is the computer server contracts and the false ledgers he has published that prove a tax fraud, imho.
    … So whether you personally respond or read this comment or not is not important Mr Ryan. An honorable soul…
    The daily libel about you and Sonia Poulton is discrediting anyone who ever thought David Icke stood for actual Truth; the effects have been a complete disinfection of most Yotube posters that don’t reference or talk about him anymore… and yet David Icke fills his website each day with hate towards you and Sonia Poulton just like a fool who is getting very bad advice from someone.
    I’ve been waiting for you and her to drop ‘the writ’ on him for slander & Libel; his intent is certainly there to ride on this issue to gain MORE support from the fringe.
    …Thanks for keeping the fire burning. Anyone like Ms Poulton who has the integrity to face Nathael Rothschild on the street is a Truther worthy of a name…Blessings for 2015
    Sincerely, James Harder, Canada


  2. Came across a fair bit of shit on him a few years back . Demo’s in New York ,Wall Street. With a bunch of actors ,Putins son & the Jackass boys. Talking his shit ,with the Dwarf in Police uniform, optical illusion,in the back ground . Rubbing it in our Faces. Him ,Alex Jones. No doubt you’ll know a few more .


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