Same shit, different name!

Davy Dyke’s #1 gopher Richie (Bitchie) Allen is back at the helm with…..ta daaaaaaaaa…The Richie Allen Show ‘sponsored by’…..none other than….ta daaaaaaaa….Davy Dyke! Let the creepy carnival commence folks! Oh did I mention that I cannot stand Davy Dyke?

I am not going to mince my words – I make it absolutely clear from the outset that I cannot stand Allen either – and not only because he referred to Edwina Currie as ‘my mate.’

Allen really thinks he’s some kind of media celebrity, in truth he’s a sad, sadistic bastard and bully….and he has more dodgy mates than I….no I mean really dodgy mates, like Peter Tatchell the self-proclaimed fecking nonce who would have done away with the age of consent completely if he had his say! Inside one can of putrid worms is another.


Not only was this unofficial UN spokesman and paedophile promoter invited on to The People’s Voice twice but Allen has extended the open-door policy to his ‘radio’ show. People, have a word with yourselves, eh?


So strip it back to basics and what we have here is a failed ex-expat (Spain) radio host, a failed presenter at TPV and someone who favours paedophile promoters. The fearless Richie Allen now, amusingly refers to himself as a ‘journalist.’  It would appear that anyone can become a journalist in an instant, by merely rubbing the mandatory lamp! KABOOM!!!

Well would ye fecking look at that, I’m a fecking journalist, bejesus, so I am!

The self-proclaimed journalist has a penchant for weird people. Also on the guest list at TPV and the Richie Allen Show was none other than former MI5 operative, David Shayler. David by day and ‘Davina’ by night. Shayler not only cross-dresses but believes himself to be none other than Jesus. The plot thickens.


What about another esteemed guest and troofer cum krypto-journalist, Danielle La Verity (real name not intentionally  withheld, she just doesn’t seem able to recall it).


The real truth has no agenda remember and as someone who is now really only interested in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I cannot begin to tell you how heartened I am that this latest Icke/Allen scam has failed miserably in its shameful attempt to raise forty-five thousand pounds  to fund a mediocre internet radio show which no more pushes the boundary of truth than BBC (Big Bullshit Corp) radio!  Good try though Richie but we’re not all as thick as pig shit!


Here’s a classic quote from the super-shill, Richie, ‘The idea that former (and current) BBC, ITV and MTV staff would be party to any impropriety is frankly ludicrous.’ (Statement made in January 2014 in response to Sonia Poulton walking out of TPV after asking for transparency.) I mean, you really just couldn’t make this shit up folks!

Note how Ritchie claims that the problem is not to do with hacking, but band width…LOL. You see, if the twerp said it was a hacking problem, the sheeple out there would question why they would be asked to donate to a radio station that had little or no hope of being aired because of….wait for it….the controversial nature of the topics discussed and the ‘hacking’ by MI5 and a half that would obviously ensue. PMSL!

Note too how Allen, just like his mentor Icke, cannot throw the phone lines open to all-comers – for very obvious reasons. Icke probably refused to talk his usual two hour bollocks because there wasn’t enough money coming in to even power up the lights on the Messiah’s Merry-Go-Round!

It doesn’t take a bloody genius to find out that for a mere £40 a month you can start up your own internet radio platform with shitloads of bandwidth and talk your own brand of bollocks…..and all without having to listen to the almost inaudible garble coming out of Allen’s face…and it has nothing to do with his Irish lilt (there’s Irish in me too so I understand it well) – it’s just that the bloke’s mouth just doesn’t open wide enough, despite the racket it makes.

Richie, a consummate liar and conman who has lived off the backs of the well-intentioned, albeit clearly naive folk, for too many years, claims the real problem is the sheer volume of listeners! Oh purleeeeeeease Allen……even a complete fool can see that your blatant lies do not correspond with the abysmally low ‘likes’ your crappy show receives! ‘Turty, fawty, fifty tousand people listening every night’ (so they are) LOL! Oh really? Please do feel free to tweet Allen @RichieAllenShow for corroboration of the latter…and all the very best of luck to you because he cannot furnish you with the proof, real proof because he is a lying fecking parasite, so he is!

(Not a journalist, never was and never will be!)


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